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There will be occasions when a full survey report isn’t required and only part of the boat needs to be inspected. This is called a limited scope survey and whilst less expensive than a full survey the client must understand its limitations.

Often called a "Hull only" survey, they are often requested when a full Pre Purchase survey is not necessary. If a Limited Scope Survey is requested no other parts of the vessel will be inspected. Occasions when Hull Surveys are often requested are prior to a re-fit of the vessel or when a limited scope survey is required to confirm the condition of older craft for insurance purposes.

Please note that a Hull Survey and a Boat Safety Scheme certificate are not as comprehensive as a Pre Purchase Survey, therefore requesting a Hull Survey for cost consideration can be ill advised.  Limited Scope Surveys may not be enough to support an insurance application and further work will have to be done at a later date and at further expense should this be required.